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As one of the nation’s top experts on family nutrition, I partner with food companies and brands to spread the word about the incredible benefits of family mealtime, wholesome and exciting recipes, and good nutrition.

If you need...

  • Engaging sponsored blog posts
  • TV Food & Nutrition Segments
  • Fast-paced cooking videos
  • Exciting culinary demos
  • A keynote speaker or TV/radio guest to fire up your audience

I’ve got the expertise you’re looking for!

I combine years of media experience with solid nutrition information

With years of experience as a food and nutrition journalist and a savvy TV guest and host, I understand completely how to grab and hold an audience’s attention. I know how to share valuable, scientifically sound information in a playful, engaging, super-watchable way. Whether you’re a food company, organization, or brand looking to partner up, or you’re a media outlet in need of a bright and informed guest, I can help.

Years before the Food Network made its debut, I worked for CNN in Atlanta as a producer and reporter for their daily food and nutrition segment and award-winning weekend program, On the Menu. I have hosted over 70 Meal Makeover cooking videos for Accent Health, CNN’s doctor’s office channel, which ran in over 30,000 waiting rooms nationwide. And I’ve done hundreds of TV, radio, and print interviews throughout my career, from appearances on the Today show to satellite media tours.

Live TV is my sweet spot!

Liz Weiss Live TV

When consumers turned their attention to social media, I was one of the first dietitians to write a food blog. Meal Makeover Moms’ Kitchen was founded in 2007 and was a resource to families until the spring of 2017, when I launched Liz’s Healthy Table. I embrace new social networks and platforms. I’ve been tweeting since 2008, and when Facebook announced their LIVE broadcast capabilities, I leaned right in. One of my most popular Facebook LIVE cooking segments has been viewed over 49,000 times. And in a recent Facebook LIVE broadcast for Heart Month, I moderated a panel with two patients and a cardiologist, which was viewed over 900,000 times!

My favorite part about social media: engaging with my audience, offering advice, and sharing what’s worked in my kitchen.

As much as I love working with media, I’m also devoted to creating recipes and content. When I partner with brands who share my passion and vision for nourishing families with practical advice and wholesome meals, we make an even bigger impact on families’ lives—which is my number one priority!

Liz Weiss Recipe Development

Ready to work with me as a spokesperson or brand ambassador?
Here’s what I can bring to the table:

Satellite Media Tours
Radio Media Tours
Interviews: in Print, Broadcast, Print, and Online
Deskside Briefings
Social Media Outreach
Cooking Video Production
Twitter Chats
Facebook Live

Recipe Development
Food Photography
Sponsored Blog Posts
Guest Blogging
Podcast Sponsorship
Keynote Presentations at Conferences and Events
Cooking Demonstrations
Book Signings

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